Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Welcome to PMS!

Hi there,
Welcome to this fabulous new blog PMS! -  Pre Menopausal Predictable Me Scrappers!
A monthly blog to get you scrapping about the most important person in your life who always seems to be left out. That's right....YOU!!

Our albums are overflowing with beautiful layouts dedicated to family, friends, partners and pets but what about US? Have you ever though that someone would love to see photos of you and read all about your trials and tribulations in the future? What about your grandkids? I wish I had more photos of my grandparents to scrap but more importantly I wish I'd known more about them; their childhood years and how different they were to mine, were they good at school, did they have secrets, what were their mums and dads like and the list goes on and on. Some day this will be your descendants and loved ones asking these same questions about you. So...let's do something about it NOW!!

Each month our awesome creative team will scrap a layout based on a theme and create a page full of fabulous inspiration. All that's left for you to do is choose a photo, scrap it and upload here to share with us. It's really that simple!
There is one small catch! (Yeah I know...there's always the BUT WAIT)...our themes are going to be quirky and fun and we hope to get you thinking outside the box. Not your usual BOM (Book of Me) style pages here...we aim to shock, delight, anger, humble you and all those wonderful feelings you keep locked inside. We want you to let it all out for the world to see!!

So make sure you're here on the 1st of March to check out our very first theme and the creative teams FABULOUS projects they've created.


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  1. Can't wait to see the challenges here :)